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Core Values

  • We are passionate about the English language and are very particular about the way text is presented in written format for the food industry.
  • We believe your image and your message is important to your overall success.
  • We know that the written word tells a story and we want to make sure that your story is told properly. 
  • We believe that published documents and marketing materials are some of the most important avenues of communication a company has to offer to their customers. Extreme care should be taken to make sure they are correct, exciting and easy to read. 

Proper communication is so important in a written document, and business is no exception.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that substandard English is acceptable to your English speaking audience.  Ask yourself this question – “If I published a document in my own language and the grammar or words were wrong, would I accept that and allow it to be published or would I correct it first?”

To publish English content without review and editing is both costly and embarrassing, especially when the mistakes are pointed out to you after you have circulated your marketing materials to your customers.  Too many companies think that grammatical and structural errors aren’t noticed by your customers, but in actual fact, they are. Customers are amused, annoyed and frustrated when they have to circulate marketing materials that are substandard.  Clearly, no reputable business would want this to happen.

Avoid making this type of mistake by asking Culinary Editing to review your materials before you publish! English websites, brochures, cook books, recipes, product presentations, technical sheets, quotations, trade show materials, menus, press releases and invitations are our specialty.

If you are a global manufacturer who exports to English speaking countries, a cook book author, journal writer, chef, baker, website copy writer, or a marketing professional, you deserve to have confidence that your documents are error free and structurally correct.

We collaborate with your marketing team to ensure that you have professional, accurate and concise materials ready for the world to see.  And we’re fun to work with!


Elena Butler is the Editor- in-Chief of Culinary Editing, and has worked with large global food companies in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Asia.  She has years of experience at the executive level in the importing, manufacturing and distribution sectors.  Over the years, many global companies have experienced her passion for English, and have come to understand the benefits of having correct grammar, diction and words in their documents.

With expertise in food service, confectionery, pastry, bakery and the HORECA markets, Elena has experienced first hand the impact of incorrect English translations in product brochures, websites, recipes and marketing materials.  She has a full grasp of food terminology and the structure of recipe methods, and has been editing for a variety companies and individuals since her university days.

Get the best results for your company and be confident when you present your materials to your customers.  Use the services of Culinary Editing before you publish!