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Editing Services

We edit any English text that has been either translated from a foreign language or written in English.  We will review your materials and provide you with a quote.
Send us your final documents or website link so that we can provide feedback. We will tell you if they are perfect, or if they need to be edited. 

Ready To Get Started?

Send us an email describing your project.
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Once we receive your email, we will contact you to learn more about the specifics of what you would like us to do.  The next step is to send us your “ready to publish” final documents or website link for review and assessment. We will then review the scope of the work and advise you of the costs involved. 


Culinary Editing will never circulate any document, digital copy, link, picture, recipe, or any written material to another party.  We will never discuss a project that we are working on with any other person outside of Culinary Editing.  We guarantee complete confidentiality. 

What Do We Edit?

It’s important to edit
before you publish.


We read every word and every sentence on every page of your website, making sure it reads easily and the content flows well.  Websites are the window of your business, and mistakes are easily missed.  We want to make sure that your customer sees your products – not your grammatical mistakes!

Product Brochures

We make sure that your product brochure properly explains what your product is and what it does.  Ingredients and application information must be straightforward and easy to understand.


If a recipe leaves out just one important point, the results can be disastrous.  It is crucial that a recipe and its methods are correct, and that nothing is left out.  It is very annoying to start a recipe only to find that the author refers to an ingredient that is not previously mentioned, or a method that is confusing.  Reading a recipe should be straightforward and easy to read, which can be difficult to write.  We make sure that your recipes and methods are easy to follow, step by step.


Cookbooks tantalize the taste buds and the senses.  They excite the reader to action, providing both a story and instruction.  We make sure that the methods used in your recipes are clear and concise.  This ensures that the user will have a positive experience making the recipes, which helps to provide the desired result.

Product Presentations

Power Point is a great tool and it makes great presentations.  With incorrect words and grammar, your presentation will be compromised.  Don’t make a poor impression! We will provide the right words and expressions to get your message across.

Technical Sheets

Accuracy is of utmost importance in a technical sheet.  If you are translating these into English, it can be a daunting task.  We make sure your translations make sense and are easy to understand.


Don’t send out an invitation with incorrect information or spelling mistakes.  You want to excite your customer so that they will attend your function.  We make sure that your invitation is presented with accuracy and enthusiasm to give your event the best possible chance for success.